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Don't just pick what's popular

Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney

This website,, is pretty useful if you are trying to decide on TV provides like Cable or Direct TV. It has a couple of different companies, the channels they offer and for what prices. I think it is a lot easier than going to each company website, writing down the prices and comparing that way. It sort of streamlines the process. I know I have suggested it to nearly everyone I know that has moved into the area since I stumbled upon it. I do not know why more service websites like that one are not making a bigger difference. It is possible that they are, but it seems like a majority of people just decide to take whatever they know is popular in the area. I definitely think that is not the best decision to make. I mean, if we picked everything based on its popularity, then we would not really get the best service necessarily and how would any businesses every survive? It just makes sense to pick the service that best fits instead of just settling for something you do not really know much about or understand.

Penny Stocks

Should you be investing in penny stocks? You should definitely give it consideration. Even though penny stocks have fluctuated in popularity over the past 10 years, they can still be considered solid investments today. Penny stocks are offered by small to medium sized companies and typically cost less than five dollars per share. They are not up for purchase via typical stock exchanges and are not subject to the same requirements that government agencies place on standard traded stocks. This does make investing in penny stocks a bit more risky, however there is room for high returns. Check out the link in this post to learn more.

Prepping for Winter

Authored by Greg Fletcher

All the experts had the same predictions: this winter would be snowy. After an early snowfall, I started to believe them. The kids were out for the holidays and the snow was piling up. I had reached the point that I was going to allow them to kill each other when I had a light bulb moment. The house would be very quiet if I let them go through with it, so instead I logged onto upgraded our package to include some really great programming for the kids! What a relief! Just think, an hour ago I was ready to pull my hair out. I feel no shame turning my TV into a babysitter. I have five kids and until you walk in my worn out shoes, don’t judge. Now I can get to my much needed to-do list and knock a few projects out while they are engrossed in The Animal Planet channel. In my opinion, the upgrade was money well spent. For a few extra bucks, my sanity in intact and all the children are happy. Let it snow baby!

An appliqued clutch for fall

Guest post written by Alicia Hooper

One of the things that I love about fall is that you're able to really pile on the clothes and have more options for fashion because of it. I love to experiment with all of the different pieces of clothing that I have and fall and winter are really the best time to do that. But I don't like to leave out any of the accessories. You can't forget those! Accessories are like the icing on a cake. You don't have to have them, but they turn something normal into something very extraordinary.

I wanted some kind of cute little purse for fall just as a way to kick it off. While I was online looking for some purses, I ran across some mobile broadband plans and after I looked through some of them I decided to sign up for one of them.

I found this adorable oversized appliqued clutch that will be really great if I go to any daytime special events. I never met an accessory that was appliqued that I didn't love.

The Big City

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

When I was 18 I moved into my own place in NYC and I had never felt more like an adult. I had my own things and my own couch and my own kitchen! That went out the door fast the first time the place was burglarized – welcome to New York City! I’ve learned a lot in the last ten years since I’ve been here and I’ve wised up to the ways of the urban life. At my new place I went to to get a security system and I obviously sprung for the place with a doorman. I now have two double locks and I don’t leave my dog at home for long periods of time without the dog walker coming over – it just makes more sense this way! Now that I’m an adult I feel better prepared to live in the city without any regrets and I haven’t had any incidents, knock on wood, since that first summer I lived here in the Big Apple.

My Favorite Cartoon- Max and Ruby

Authored by Edgar Guy

One of my all-time favorite cartoons is Max and Ruby. Max and Ruby is a kid's cartoon, that is geared more towards very young toddlers, from about ages 2 through 6. But even though my 6 year old likes it too, so does my 9 year old son! Max is the kid brother in the show, and Ruby is the older sister. Both of them are young bunnies, and the shows are about the various activities that they do together. Max usually gets into some type of trouble in the shows, and Ruby takes on the role as bossy older sister. While there really is no mention of parents in the show, the two do go to their grandmothers often, and it seems as though she is the one to take care of them.

When I watch Max and Ruby, I make sure that I always watch it on my satalite tv free HD. I love to watch it with my daughter while we eat lunch after preschool. I think it is a really relaxing show that helps to teach values, caring, compassion and morals, and is funny, too. It is on a couple of times a day, so I try to catch it at least a couple of times a week. We even bought the Max and Ruby dolls!