My Favorite Cartoon- Max and Ruby

Authored by Edgar Guy

One of my all-time favorite cartoons is Max and Ruby. Max and Ruby is a kid's cartoon, that is geared more towards very young toddlers, from about ages 2 through 6. But even though my 6 year old likes it too, so does my 9 year old son! Max is the kid brother in the show, and Ruby is the older sister. Both of them are young bunnies, and the shows are about the various activities that they do together. Max usually gets into some type of trouble in the shows, and Ruby takes on the role as bossy older sister. While there really is no mention of parents in the show, the two do go to their grandmothers often, and it seems as though she is the one to take care of them.

When I watch Max and Ruby, I make sure that I always watch it on my satalite tv free HD. I love to watch it with my daughter while we eat lunch after preschool. I think it is a really relaxing show that helps to teach values, caring, compassion and morals, and is funny, too. It is on a couple of times a day, so I try to catch it at least a couple of times a week. We even bought the Max and Ruby dolls!