Prepping for Winter

Authored by Greg Fletcher

All the experts had the same predictions: this winter would be snowy. After an early snowfall, I started to believe them. The kids were out for the holidays and the snow was piling up. I had reached the point that I was going to allow them to kill each other when I had a light bulb moment. The house would be very quiet if I let them go through with it, so instead I logged onto upgraded our package to include some really great programming for the kids! What a relief! Just think, an hour ago I was ready to pull my hair out. I feel no shame turning my TV into a babysitter. I have five kids and until you walk in my worn out shoes, don’t judge. Now I can get to my much needed to-do list and knock a few projects out while they are engrossed in The Animal Planet channel. In my opinion, the upgrade was money well spent. For a few extra bucks, my sanity in intact and all the children are happy. Let it snow baby!