Penny Stocks

Should you be investing in penny stocks? You should definitely give it consideration. Even though penny stocks have fluctuated in popularity over the past 10 years, they can still be considered solid investments today. Penny stocks are offered by small to medium sized companies and typically cost less than five dollars per share. They are not up for purchase via typical stock exchanges and are not subject to the same requirements that government agencies place on standard traded stocks. This does make investing in penny stocks a bit more risky, however there is room for high returns. Check out the link in this post to learn more.

Prepping for Winter

Authored by Greg Fletcher

All the experts had the same predictions: this winter would be snowy. After an early snowfall, I started to believe them. The kids were out for the holidays and the snow was piling up. I had reached the point that I was going to allow them to kill each other when I had a light bulb moment. The house would be very quiet if I let them go through with it, so instead I logged onto upgraded our package to include some really great programming for the kids! What a relief! Just think, an hour ago I was ready to pull my hair out. I feel no shame turning my TV into a babysitter. I have five kids and until you walk in my worn out shoes, don’t judge. Now I can get to my much needed to-do list and knock a few projects out while they are engrossed in The Animal Planet channel. In my opinion, the upgrade was money well spent. For a few extra bucks, my sanity in intact and all the children are happy. Let it snow baby!