Do You Know Your Credit Score?

It's important that you know your credit score. Following the link below, you can sign up for both your free credit report and a free trial of credit management. Be informed about what's on your credit report:

Women are Taking More Steps toward Economic Stability than Men

which sex spends more moneyWhich of the two sexes is taking more steps toward being economically stable? Consumer Reports have shown that women are being more diligent about cutting back on discretionary spending than men, overall. While women have been a little better about limiting credit card spending (57% versus 49%), putting cash into savings (40% versus 39%), and limiting dine-out costs (62% versus 49%), men are significantly less concerned about cutting back on holiday spending (63% of women versus only 36% of men).

To cut costs this holiday season, why not plan for a present-less Christmas? Emphasize family, friendships, and love this holiday season -- because when economic times are tough, these are all we have left to sustain us.