Don't just pick what's popular

Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney

This website,, is pretty useful if you are trying to decide on TV provides like Cable or Direct TV. It has a couple of different companies, the channels they offer and for what prices. I think it is a lot easier than going to each company website, writing down the prices and comparing that way. It sort of streamlines the process. I know I have suggested it to nearly everyone I know that has moved into the area since I stumbled upon it. I do not know why more service websites like that one are not making a bigger difference. It is possible that they are, but it seems like a majority of people just decide to take whatever they know is popular in the area. I definitely think that is not the best decision to make. I mean, if we picked everything based on its popularity, then we would not really get the best service necessarily and how would any businesses every survive? It just makes sense to pick the service that best fits instead of just settling for something you do not really know much about or understand.